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1060 N Capitol Ave. Studio A350
Indianapolis, IN, 46204


About The Artist

Born August 18, 1981 in La Mirada, California, Kevin Smola always had a penchant for artistic endeavors. Upon graduating from the University of Southern Indiana in 2003 with a degree in Graphic Design, Kevin worked as a freelance graphic designer while painting. After a commission for an office building in Indianapolis, Kevin started increasing his production. In the Summer of 2005, Kevin was awarded the Stutz Artists Association Artist-In-Residence Grant. His technique evolved to display an expressiveness that dapples each canvas with vibrant color and undulating textures. 

Kevin currently lives in the Indianapolis area with his wife and two sons. Kevin and his work have been represented in New York City by Agora Gallery and exhibited internationally in locations such as Paris, France and Bologna, Italy.

This work is not created for the delight or despair of one, a group, a community or even a society. It is at it’s core, a fundamentally primal human endeavor. I point it toward us all, reflecting the exceptional and the tragic, the hopeful as well as the desperate.


"Kevin’s experience with composition and color allows him to communicate feelings and emotions to the viewer, but always discreetly. He also recreates the illusion of differing depths through his use of color, as if looking through a glass. Each canvas conveys a lyrical message of chromatic effects."

Barbara Eden
Interior DESIGN

"I have found Kevin Smola to be very professional, and receptive to client desires and goals in his work. I believe that Kevin is a very imaginative and creative artist, with a wonderful sense of color and motion in his art."


"...Smola creates amorphous shapes of unfathomable depth and feathery softness that recalls the brushwork of late Monet. The colors define undulating patterns, which come together in what the artist calls ‘expressive compositions.’"


"We love Kevin's use of color. His work is calming, but considered choices of brighter hues and the movement of the paint give it a unique energy."